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How to create your own VR Museum in the Metaverse.

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Creating your own VR Museum is easier than you think. And it doesn't have to cost you anything. Here is a simple guide to setting up a free museum in virtual reality that anybody can visit.

Here is a simple 5 step process.

  1. Choose your platform

  2. Choose a template

  3. Populate your museum with various items

  4. Publish

  5. Invite people to visit your museum

STEP 1. Choose a platform

We recommend Horizon Worlds. It was created by Meta (a.k.a. Facebook) and it has a huge backing. You want to make sure that your museum will still be there next month, and that's why going with a reputable platform makes most sense. Also, what good is a virtual museum if nobody goes there. Meta's Horizon Worlds is a community and the discovery tools allow you to invite people to visit. Lastly, Meta owns Oculus, which is currently the most popular VR headset. All signs point to Horizon Worlds being your best bet.

STEP 2. Choose a template

Unless you're an architecture student, you probably don't have much patience for making a building from scratch. In Horizon Worlds some users make their worlds and assets available to others. Horizon Worlds assets and even entire buildings such as art galleries or museums is what we are passionate about at Meta Crafters.

Consider the template below.

If you want to claim this template, visit the Meta Crafters Asset store. It's FREE! Claim it at the Meta Crafters Asset Store here:

STEP 3. Populate your museum

This step doesn't require much discussion. Have fun creating in Horizon Worlds. Bring your items into the museum. Arrange the exhibits. Include text explaining your exhibits and even record audio. Have fun arranging your space.

STEP 4. Publish your VR museum in Horizon Worlds.

Horizon makes this step super easy. You simply click the PUBLISH button. Within seconds your museum will be live and ready to receive visitors.

STEP 5. Invite people to visit your museum.

Once you publish your museum, Horizon Worlds will provide you with a link that you can send to your friends. Anybody with an Oculus Quest headset can download Horizon Worlds for free. Once they get your link, they will be able to click on it and find themselves inside your space.

Here is an example of a Gallery Link in Horizon Worlds

Have fun creating your very own Museum in the Metaverse !


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