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Please contact us with a drawing or image that serves as inspiration for the logo. This way we can tell you what is doable. Basic logo, building color change (2 colors) and basic text addition. See details below of what this bundle includes and what revisions entails . These changes will be added to a template purchased by the client and prior any editing or work (building, additional imports or changes of any type are done by the client) unless we approve it. Please contact us if modified your template and want to buy this add on.

What this bundle includes:

We will change the colors of the structure or building to a color scheme provided by the client up to 3 colors. This will be done up to our discretion (meaning we will choose where to add the colors. This is in Order to offer this add on at a cost effective price). If you wish, You may let us know to use a main color for the bigger areas, and another color for details etc. You can only do this one time and prior we start changing colors. Please make sure to provide all the pics, material and revalant info for us to work on your logo/color change. We are unable to start working until you provide all the materials or info we request from you. From the moment we get all we need from you(we'll let you know via email that we are all set to start) it will take four bussines. If you delay giving us materials or answering questions regarding this add on, it will delay the process. Other than that would cost additional time and money.


The Logo will be done in Horizon worlds platform and based on a simple logo provided by the client and approved by us (to make sure we can make it within this add on package). The client may not request change of design for the logo after we have agreed upon one or after we start working on it.


We will add 10-20 hashtags, words or website addresses or call to action sentences to the world. It must be specified where to add them in advance. Otherwise we will place them up to our discretion.



The client is entitled to 1 general revision regarding the color, this means 1 change of 1 wall or detail only.

The client is entitled to one general change of the logo, this means they can change their mind where to set it or how big a detail is or the whole logo needs to be. No additional changes are included.

The client is entitled to change the location of 5 of the words or sentences or change 5 words only (no entire sentences).

Additional changes are Not included. This is budget friendly bundle. In order for us to be able to offer this bundle we need to keep the time and work cost effective. The limitations of Horizon Worlds allow for only minimalist versions or interpretations of designs for this bundle. Also we are not responsable for glitches that might delay deliveries, etc. Thank you for understanding and helping us offer this service at an affordable price ( if you wish us to do extra work, changes or editing we will have to agree on an hourly budget, and a that would be a separate project). *

Please note that any additional changes included in the revision must be informed by the client within 12hrs of receiving a message from us once we are done with this add on. Letting you we are done. This means you have 12 hours to review and inform us of any revisions you wish to make that are included in this description. This service will delay the delivery of Items this service will be applied to. Also, You may not request modifications or changes after a 24 hr period. After the 24hr period you agree that this add on service in concluded by us. - And that this is not an ongoing add on. Therefore you might not change your mind about the changes of this add on bundle and request any change, or modification.


We are not responsible for importing additional items, upkeep of template, editing, importing assets, or fixing issues after client imports (modifies or works or “breaks” the template purchased), nor doing more modifications, nor any other additional work. If the client changes their mind about these changes (changing color, adding logo and up to 10 social handles/hashtags or website addresses) or wants to edit, publish or do work on their template is up to the client to do it by themselves. If you wish help doing any of these you may hire us to consult*. Thus client agrees to not seek any more consultation, revisions, work from us for this project as part of the add on purchased and described here** Per the agreed-upon contract, there will be no extra imports, edits, or consulting for this purchase. This template and revision is sold as is. This means also that once we are done with your logo or color changes you may not request any changes. We will no fix, or re deign your logo/colors change after we are not. This is a basic service, if you request further work on your logo/colors that would have to be another service. So please make sure you have a very clear idea of what you want logo/color wise. The template is sold as described in our add on bundle (in this description) purchased by the client. By purchasing this add on you agree to these terms. You must be 18 years old or older to purchase from us. Our business hours are Monday - Thursday, 10am to 5pm.

**Additional work, consultation, tech support or edits can be purchased at a additional cost if we are available, billed and paid when requested by client and agreed by us.

Add on bundle: basic logo, color change and text! See below

  • Quick and easy.  We'll quickly deliver this asset directly to your Horizon Worlds account.   

    • STEP #1:  We'll ask your Horizon username at checkout.
    • STEP #2:  We’ll do all the work and we'll email you the moment your asset is delivered. You don’t need to do a thing!
    • STEP #3:  Go to Horizon>Main Menu>Create>Collaboration Invites and click on ACCEPT on our invitation.

    That’s it.  The asset is yours.  Easy! 

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