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We will build you a nightclub in Metaverse using Horizon Worlds. Your nightclub studio will be based on our template, which you can see in the attached video, and which you can experience first hand at


Visit the link above to make sure that you fully experience the nightclub. Message us if you need help accesing it.


Message us before placing the order if you are not clear about any of the info included here. We'll be happy to answer all of your questions.


Read the FAQ carefully as it includes important information about use rights.


You may NOT under any circumstance: Sublicense, resell, share, transfer or otherwise redistribute the item or element/part of it (e.g. as stock, in a tool, app or template, with source files, and/or to incorporate into end product. See FAQ.



How soon will my nightclub be ready?

The finished nightclub will be ready within 3 days after placing the order.


Where will the finished club exist?

The finished club will exist on Horizon Worlds under your account. Once we finish your nightclub, we will give you editing access which will allow you to copy the entire world into your own blank world. From there you will be able to publish or unpublish it whenever you like.


Can I edit the world once I receive it?

Yes, you can edit it as much as you like. You can delete the elements you don't want. You can create new elements. You can bring new elements into your world. The world is yours to customize.

Can I resell this world to somebody else?

No. The world is for your own use only. Do not sell. Do not distribute. If you want to order a mansion for somebody as a gift or you want to offer it to a client, message us. We will be happy to work with you.

Can I copy my world and publish more than one instance of it?
No. You are allowed to publish only one instance of the world. If you are interested in creating multiple mansions, please message us. We will be happy to offer you bulk pricing.


Can I copy the elements of this nightclub such as props (flowers, bottles, glasses, etc.) into my other worlds?

No. You are not allowed to copy any elements of this studio, no matter how small, into other worlds. You are not allowed to copy any of the props, furniture, snack, etc. into other horizon worlds. Please message us and we can discuss a separate purchase for that.


Will you fix my world if I accidentally break it or if Horizon's updates breaks it?

No. Please make a backup of the world as soon as you receive it. This way you will always have a pristine copy to fall back on. I can't be held responsible if Horizon releases a future updated that breaks some of your world's functionality. This is extremely unlikely but technically possible.

Can you design a logo, change some colors, move some elements around, and create some new objects ?

No. However,  we will be happy to work with you after this purchase is completed. You can always hire us to do small jobs such as changing the color scheme, or creating new objects or logos. 


Will you program the keypad for me?

Sure!  If you'd like us to program the keypad, we can do that for you.  We'll need you to tell us what 4 digits (1-9) you would like us to use. 


How do I load my own music into the DJ mixer? Will you help me with that?

In order to load your own music, you will have to find a way to record music with your headset or PC. You will have to learn how to modify some basic scripts in order to connect your music to the mixer. I will not help you with loading music into the DJ's mixer.


How many players can be in the studio at the same time?

Max player count is 32 with all features as seen in the video.  At the moment of writing this description 32 is the maximum number of players that Horizon Worlds supports.


What does the mic actually do?

The microphone changes the default voice setting from local to global. This way the artist's voice can be heard clearly everywhere in the building. The mic does NOT actually record anything.

Club Aqua - Nightclub / Lounge Template

  • Quick and easy.  We'll quickly deliver this asset directly to your Horizon Worlds account.   

    • STEP #1:  We'll ask your Horizon username at checkout.
    • STEP #2:  We’ll do all the work and we'll email you the moment your asset is delivered. You don’t need to do a thing!
    • STEP #3:  Go to Horizon>Main Menu>Create>Collaboration Invites and click on ACCEPT on our invitation.

    That’s it.  The asset is yours.  Easy! 

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